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Servicing Katy, Texas and Surrounding Areas

Services we offer
- Concrete Constructon
- Demo and Replacement
- Concrete Leveling
- Decorative Concrete
We back our work with a  Industry leading

Family owned and operated for 25 Years

River Weghorst    Trent & Corbin Edwards

Metro Concrete Raising is your local trip hazard removal specialist. 

A full-service company specializing in concrete raising and leveling for commercial, residential and multi-family housing.
We are a family-owned and operated company with 25 years of experience in the industry. Using our process of a mixture of natural materials we are able to SAFELY raise sunken sidewalk, walkway, pool deck, patio and driveway slabs in minutes and saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the process. We stand behind every concrete repair with the best warranty in town.

Estimates to raise and level your sunken concrete are FREE. No job is too big or small, from air conditioner pads to sidewalks, patios, pool decks, driveways we do it all.

We are confident in our success with integrity, honesty and our dedication to taking pride in our workmanship. We guarantee our workmanship and materials for 5 years*. If the concrete we repair sinks below a 1/2 of an inch within 5 years of the time the concrete was first serviced, we will come out and fix it free of charge. We have the best guarantee around! 

We are proud of our track record & hope to add your project to our portfolio

Concrete Leveling Before & After

Demo and Replacement

photo oct 20, 11 06 37 am.png
photo oct 20, 11 06 45 am.png
photo jan 08, 10 34 10 pm.png
photo oct 13, 8 03 39 am.jpg
photo jan 08, 10 34 24 pm.jpg
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photo oct 19, 8 13 35 am.png
photo oct 13, 10 36 13 am.jpg

POLY FOAM                                            MUDJACKING                      

*made of toxic materials                      *made of 100% organic material

(hydrogen cyanide)                               (clean topsoil, sand, portland)

*very expensive $$$$$$$                     *usually half the cost of poly      *new technique  (no one knows-         *proven technique for over damage or effects the plastic and           75 years.                              chemicals will do to your yard or health)


Mudjacking and polylifting are exactly the same process. only difference is material used. They will tell you that poly is enviromentally safe and green technology. because they use recycled plastics. but recycled plastics and toxic chemicals under your property doesn't sound safe



FAQ's About Concrete Raising




What is mudjacking?
A process used to raise concrete by drilling holes through the top surface of the concrete slab and pumping, under hydraulic pressure,a flowable cement grout underneath.

What can be raised or leveled?
Basically any concrete flat work can be lifted.  We raise sidewalks, stoops, driveways, pool decks, garage floors, patios, pads.  

What is void filling or pressure grouting?
Void filling is performed by filling, by use of a long nozzle, voids left under a slab by means or erosion, foundation repair,settlement, or animals.

How do I get an estimate?
You can request an estimate by calling our office, email or filling out the information on our Estimate Request page. 

Is there a charge for an estimate?
No.  We provide free estimates.

Do I need to be home?
No, we are very flexible and can setup a time to meet you if required.    

Is there a warranty?
Yes, 3 years. If the concrete slab(s) settles within three years of performing the work, we will come out and rework the settled slabs.  See your estimate proposal or paid invoice for warranty details..

How do I accept a proposal?
Just call our office and we will get you scheduled.  

Do I need to be present when the work is done?

Do I need to send a deposit?
No. Payment is not required until after the work is completed.  

When can the mudjacking be done?
Mudjacking is dependent on the weather.  

How long does the work take to be done?
That depends on the size of the job.  Most residential work can be completed on the day scheduled.  Timing and finishing is always dependent upon the weather.  

How big are the holes?
The drilled holes are approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

How are the holes patched?
The holes are patched with concrete and we make every attempt to match to existing color and texture.  

Will I notice the holes?
The drill holes are noticeable because we are putting fresh concrete on aged concrete.  In time, the holes will begin to blend with the existing concrete.

What type of material is used?
We use a sand, topsoil, crushed limestone and cement mixture.  

Will this process work on my asphalt/blacktop driveway?
No.  Asphalt is a bituminous product and will crack and crumble if we try to raise it.  

What will happen to the edxisting cracks in my slab?
Unfortunately, the cracks will still exist.  In addition, we do not fill or patch concrete cracks.  That is the owner's responsibility.

How long will the area that is raised be out of service?
Most areas can be used right after we finish. 


Wayne Duncan from Houston, TX

I am very pleased with the job. We had several trip hazards, and they disappeared. I definitely recommend their services!


Very Satisfied

Steven Jenkins from Houston, TX

I had the front steps of my house raised and could not be happier!The work was done quickly and there was no mess left behind. I would definately recommend to anyone.


Great job

Piper Hayes from Alvin, TX

I am so pleased with the job they did for us. They were professional, prompt, very reasonable cost and cleaned up everything when they were finished. Their equipment and process were amazing and would recommend their service to anyone and would diffently would call them again. Could not be more pleased and would give them the highest rating.


Metro's crew were on time, fun to work with, and did a great job. Watching the slab come up was magic. Who could ask for more.


Leo. from Houston, TX

Their work was very professional, they were on time, had everything needed to to the job.The most professional and experienced of the companies I talked to-I would highly recommend him in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, and just a great person to work with....


Did a Great Job

Dan from Houston Texas                                                                                           

Great Work!

Ruth from Meyerland, TX

Metro Concrete Raising did an awesome job on my sidewalk and driveway. they were pleasant to deal with, explained what they were doing and completely cleaned up after themselves. I have added them to our preferred vendors list for our HOA and highly recommend them to everyone. They did what they said they would do and charged what they promised.

Very Professional

Ronald Spree from Baytown, TX

Did a great job on my driveway. Were on time, did a thorough job, explained everything. Would highly recommend.



Barry Brashaw from Katy, TX

Metro did an incredible job in raising my driveway and sidewalk. Crew were prompt, efficient and paid particular attention to detail. Their work was impeccable, and the results were beyond expectations. I highly recommend Metro Concrete.



Houston, TX

Metro lifted my concrete patio about 8 inches and used alot of mud. The completed the work fast and cleaned up well. The walked me through the results and suggested ways to prevent future settling. This is the second time I've used their service. The first time the raised the concrete patio in the backyard and the walkway in the front yard. I will continue to use Metro Concrete Raising for all my mudjacking needs because they are the best!


Great work

Kathy from Houston, TX

Metro returned my call as promised and was very reasonable price. Would recommend.




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